• Soil Tiller

    • Improves the soil aeration, enriches soil with micro-organisms,
    • Improves water holding capacity, helps balance pH and essential Nutrient recycling.
    • Improves root growth and structure, enhances germination,
    • Plant growth and the crop yield. It aids in the suppression of plant diseases.
    • The worm castings contain five times more nitrogen,
    • seven times more phosphorus, and eleven times more potassium than ordinary soil,
    • The main minerals needed for plant growth.
    • Apply 1/2 tonne of vermi-compost per acre after 1st ploughing.
    • Apply 5 litre of humicas per acre before 2″ ploughing
    • And every three months 2 litres is preferred.
    • * 1/2 kg of vermi-compost to be applied for perennial plants.
    • * 200 ml of humicas to be applied every three months for perennial plants.