• BAB-201V Birbal

    • Plant Height-80-90cm.
    • with colored Elongated fruit.
    • Fruit length 13-15cm
    • Good for cultivation in rainy season
    • Available in 10g, packing.


  • BAB-202V Kabir

    • Open, erect type and cluster bearings
    • And non thorny Calyx Greensih and non thorny
    • Fruit Oval, small green with white strips, 70-80 gm wt.
    • Duration 120-125 days

  • BAB-203V Shiva

    • Open, erect type, Solitary bearing and non thorny.
    • Calyx Greenish and non thorny Fruit oval, medium,
      Purple with white stripes, 60-70gm wt Duration 125-130 days

  • BAB-204V Neelima

    • Bushy, Spreading, Ckuster bearing and non thorny
      Calyx Greenish and non thorny Fruit oval, small, Shining purple
    • 50-60 gm wt Duration 120-125 days